Sunday, January 8, 2012


         You can find wolves in a certain biome that has pine trees and dark grass.  I have forgotten the name of this minecraft biome(it may not have one), but I know that it consists of these things.  I believe that the pine trees that I mentioned also have a different name, as they don't actually have needles.  They might be called spruce trees, but that doesn't really matter, as I don't really believe they have a name, just as their biome doesn't.
         Once in the water they will turn darker, as of being "wet".  When they come out of they water they shake themselves "dry".  Unlike other mobs that you will find during the day, if you attack them, they will attack you.  Otherwise they will stay perfectly at peace.  If you want to have one as a pet, you will have to go into easy, medium, or hard.  Then monsters will come out at night, and you will have to kill them to survive.  From these monsters you will get things, such as bones and arrows from skeletons.  You want only the bones, and you only have to right-click on a wolf while holding at least one to tame it.  When you hit a mob the wolf will help you attack it, just not creepers.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Texture Packs and Mods

         Texture packs are how things look.  There is the default look of things when you're not using a texture pack, but when you are, things are a bit more interesting.  For instance, there's one that called a better default.  It looks like default, but a little nicer.  Mods are extras, just like extra mobs, it add things.  The only difference is that it does not add animals.  There's a medieval mod that had battle axes and hand-held torches, among other things.  There's a mod that adds obsidian tools.  A mod that allows you to hold more that one door in one space.  

Saturday, December 17, 2011


   For those of you who don't know, minecraft is pretty much the most fun game in the universe.  The first part of it, "mine" explains half of it.  To make something, you have to mine.  Or if you take the second part, "craft" you see a sixth.  The two parts fit together perfectly.  To craft, you have to mine.  To mine somethings, or at least to make them easier, you have to craft.  The other part of it, the sixth, is placing.  Once you mine something, you usually have a choice to either place it, or to craft it into some other thing.  Sometimes when you craft something, you can place it.  Like an enchantment table, a brewing stand, or a cauldron.  The last part is mobs.  What is a mob, you might ask.  It is animals.  Fish, you, sheep, pigs, cows, chickens, squid, baby animals, and mooshrooms.  There are mobs that you can add, such as horses and turtles.  But those are extras.  On multiplayer servers, there are other people.  I wouldn't say that you or other people are mobs, though.  If you want to hear more about minecraft, leave it in the comments.  I haven't even gotten to mods and texture packs!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Never Trust a Wolf

           When I say "never trust a wolf" I am talking about a minecraft wolf.  I was playing on a  multiplayer server, I acquired a wolf.  Then I was griefed.  I will not go into detail about what happened, but my wolf and chickens were gone.  Now, you might say, "The chickens despawned!"  But they didn't.  The gate to their pen was open, and so was the door leading into the pen, the door leading to the hallway leading to the door, and the door going into the whole room were all open. I never leave any of them open.  So I assumed that the griefer had killed my chickens and my wolf.
     Then I found another wolf.  I brought it with me to a house that me and one of my friends, let's call her C, were making for H.  I sat my wolf down and disconnected.   I got back on later and C told me that she had been griefed.  Now my wolf was gone.  Then she got off for a couple of seconds, and I hid in her basement as her wolf had tried to kill me even though I hadn't hurt it.  A little strange, huh?  She got back on and couldn't find her wolf.  Yeah.  
     Soon after a found another wolf.  It disappeared as soon as I warped to southgate(a warp in the server, but not all servers have warps) my wolf was gone.  I went back home.  He wasn't there. 

Saturday, November 26, 2011

The first time.

                            There's a first time for everything.  This is my first time blogging on something as nice as this, and believe it or not there was a first time that I ate pie.  There was a first time that I played minecraft, thanks to Janie.  So if you don't want to do something because it is your first time, try to remember the first time that you ate solid food.  Try to remember the first time you made a friend.  Try to remember when you first spoke a word and knew what it meant.  This will probably be the most interesting post of mine that you'll read.  It's my first!! :)